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Very short, but it perfectly captures Rick's attitude towards a situation like this. I can't wait to see how it plays out.

At this point the extended break apology is just part of the show's routine! Too funny.

I look as art as more of a flame passed on from generation to generation, always evolving for better or worse. It is simply a tool of various purposes. And though some people, like apparently the author of the video, look to be deeper and try and find some form of "pure" and "original" art, what we should really be doing is trying to perfect our art with the tools we've been given.
Whatever perfect is.

dylan responds:

"and we'll never be royals
it don't run in our blood"

- beyoncé, 2013

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Maybe I was missing something or on some kind of glitched run, but after I got through the tombstone and hedge mazes I looked all around and there seemed to be no way forward.

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Simply too short.

Very cool! It was fun to play a little game that reminded me a bit of Zelda. It'd be nice to see a sequel of this game with several different bosses, more items, and some other characters. Perhaps even a plot!

On the other hand, if you ever make an extended version of this game then it'd be cool to get a stronger version of each item. A razor sharp sword that could fire projectiles every few seconds, an aegis shield that creates a magical barrier to protect all our sides (but recharges for a moment each time it blocks a hit for us), a sprint ring that lets us dash further, and a wraith amulet that protects us for twice as long.

Wolod responds:

Thanks! Glad that you enjoyed Knightin'!

I was planning to implement upgraded sword and shield, but I didn't have enough time to do it. These features will be definitely included in the extended version.

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She's not very good at getting the blood flowing, if you know what I mean.

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Hey there, I'm Yero. Not really much to say about me here, except I'm a big Legend of Zelda fan, looking for some games based off the series. If you find anything new, send it my way.

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